brief introduction

brief introduction to company

cmst development co. ltd. (hereinafter shortly as cmst), listed on the shanghai stock exchange on january 1997 (stock code: 600787), is a nation-wide large and modern company with comprehensive logistics businesses. after more than decade development, its capital structure and service functions are improving day by day. nowadays, cmst has become the largest and integrated warehouse-based logistics provider in china and has shown its speed-growing nature and splendid developing trend.

with the professionalized, networking, intensive and informationized operational model, cmst has set up many modern logistics distribution centers and business & trade institutions in beijing, shanghai, tianjin, jiangsu, zhejiang, shandong, hubei, hunan, guangdong, sichuan, hebei, henan, shaanxi and liaoning, which formed an all-around and all-climate multi-dimensioned logistics service system that not only relies on substantial networks, tied by ict but also takes modern logistics technologies as service means and vip clients as main service objects, and meanwhile, it integrated portfolio functions such as warehouse and storage, transportation, distribution, mortgage custody and financing,freight forwarding, multi-model transportation, processing and manufacturing, logistics design, domestic and international trade, science and technological development, spot transaction market, e-commerce and metal materials inspection.

cmst makes great efforts to offer value-added services for clients and society and commits itself to provide non-stop and integrated logistics services for purchasing, producing, marketing and other supply chain elements of chinese and foreign companies.

history and evolution

cmst development co. ltd. is the inheirtor of china national materials storage and transportation corporation (abbreviated as cmst). established at the beginning of 1960s, cmst played the main channel role in national economic and social circulations during the planned economic period. since entering the new era of reforming and opening, cmst has experienced various tests and baptisms in the market economy and leaped to a new stage of modern logistics.

tianjin cmst business and trade co. ltd., a subsidiary of cmst, was listed on shanghai stock exchange on january 21, 1997. since then, in accordance with the requirement of modern corporate system, the listed company perfected its corporate governance structure, explored new business modes and completed the transformation from single warehouse & storage business to diversified businesses, and all of which laid a very good foundation for further sustainable and rapid development.

from 1998 on, the listed company began to change from a regional company to a nation-wide logistics company. it not only changed the name to cmst development co. ltd. but also successfully achieved asset reorganization and capital utilization in rationed shares, purchasing and merging. with the implementation of marketization mechanism, cmstgradually activated deposited assets, optimized resources allocation and realized a rapid growth of comprehensive benefits.

in 2005, based on available demands of logistics market and development trends of capital market, the board of directors made a decision to gradually and completely allocate all best assets to the listed company so as to quickly enhance company’s business scale and profit-seeking capacity. by means of capital utilization such as purchasing and replacement in the past several years,cmst has integrated more than 90% productive assets into the listed company and fundamentally realized the goal of being listed as a whole.

listed as a whole provided cmst with a new development platform and a broad market, laid a solid foundation for it to become larger, better and stronger and to actualize comprehensive, coordinative and sustainable development.