bulk commodity supply chain

cmstd has constructed a three-tier supply chain platform composed of supply chain logistics, supply chain finance and supply chain ecology. with such functions as logistics, trade and finance, the platform can provide all supply chain parties with a fully integrated and win-win ecological supply chain environment.

circular supply chain

based on the market and with the on-line transaction system as the carrier, cmstd exerts itself to forge a supply chain ecosphere to facilitate the agglomeration of upstream and downstream enterprises, information collection and fund turnover on the supply chain.

cmstd has a wide variety of markets in relation to such commodities as steel, nonferrous metal, building material and timber, etc., with the floorage of the markets reaching a total of 458,030 square meters and the number of booths coming to more than 7000, becoming important distribution centers of bulk commodities in various regions.

chain-style supply chain

centered on upstream and downstream core customers on the supply chain, cmstd gives full play to its fund, network and logistics advantages, and is deeply involved in the production, supply and marketing transactions and logistics on its industry chain and, by optimizing business procedures, cmstd provides customers with supply chain services combining purchase, distribution, warehousing, transportation, processing and delivery into one.