logistics for futures and spot delivery

cmstd is the world only enterprise with a delivery warehouse qualification recognized by major futures exchanges both at home and abroad.

cmstd has established long-term cooperative relations with shanghai futures exchange, dalian commodity exchange and zhengzhou commodity exchange and is an important futures delivery warehouse operator in china. by the end of 2016, among major futures varieties, cmst had acquired an approved storage capacity for 360000 tons of copper, 240000 tons of aluminum, 80000 tons of lead, 75000 tons of zinc, 24000 tons of nickel, and 100000 tons of rubber, respectively.

henry bath & son limited, a holding subsidiary of cmstd, ranks fourth on lme in terms of its nonferrous metal business volume, with its inventories accounting for 5% -6% of global delivery volume on lme.

by right of its resource advantages in futures delivery and spot warehousing and its channel advantages on domestic and overseas nonferrous metal exchanges, and based on its “trustworthy warehouses of china” brand, lmeshield system, and its abilities in freight forwarding, inspection and financial services, cmstd provides support for futures and spot conversion of bulk commodities and has formed a series of service functions concerning financial derivatives to enable itself to provide customers with low-risk, high-quality services.