logistics internet

cmst attaches great importance to the development of information technologies and its revolutionary influence on the logistics industry, boosts the introduction, research and development of information technologies with a positive and open attitude, and sets the target of using technical innovation to guide model innovation and management innovation. while forging the new core competitiveness, cmst brings down social logistics cost and steps up social logistics efficiency. since 2013, cmst has made investment to successively set up hengke iot system corporation of cmst and cmst nanjing intelligent logistics technology co., ltd., forming the strategic business unit of “logistics internet” on the whole.

cmst nanjing intelligent logistics technology co., ltd. has forged the biggest “ntocc” platform in china——cmst intelligent transport platform and, through integration and large-scale operation of its transport resources and with the support of its powerful information system and professional services, cmstd provides customers with such services as on-line match of functions between cargo and vehicles or vessels, transportation bidding transactions, en-route monitoring, billing and settlement, and voice paging, etc. to substantially improve the utilization rate of round-trip vehicles and vessels. since the platform was put online in april 2015, it has witnessed a strong momentum of growth. in 2015, the annual business revenue came to a total of more than 20 million yuan and increased to 2.08 billion yuan in 2016. in 2016, cmst nanjing intelligent logistics technology co., ltd. was chosen by the ministry of transport as a pilot enterprise of provincial road cargo transport vehicle-free carrier.

hengke iot system corporation of cmst ( hengke iot ) grew out of cmst hengke industrial co., ltd. since its access to the weighing instrument sector in 1984, hengke iot has become the spearhead of the sector. it drew up the national standard for gb/t11883 electronic hoist scale, and participated in the drawing up of the national standard for gb/t21296 highway vehicle automatic weighing instrument, and such regulations as jjg555 general verification regulation for non-automatic weighing instrument and jjg907 verification regulation of automatic instruments for weighing road vehicles in motion, etc. as a vice president unit of china weighing instrument association, hengke iot has set up a provincial enterprise technology center and a provincial weighing instrument laboratory. with a number of core independent intellectual property rights, hengke iot has 8 authorized patents for invention, 71 utility model patents, 1 design patent and over 20 software j9游会真人游戏第一品牌 copyrights.

with its focus on weighing and internet of things (iot), hengke iot has researched and developed a series of weighing-based iot products in the fields of smart industry, intelligent transportation and wisdom logistics, accomplishing the transformation from a traditional manufacturer to an iot system service provider. the unattended vehicle weighing instrument management system, the industrial measurement network system, and the barcode logistics management system have been widely used in industrial fields. the container overload and unbalanced load detecting and weighing system, the container yard digital management system, and the digital warehouse bottom data collection system have been widely used for railways, ports and the logistics industry. the road toll-by-weight system, the non-stop rapid detection network overload control system, and the highway limit-exceeding off-site law enforcement system have been widely used in the transportation sector.